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One Punch Man Episode 11 Subbed

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You Are watching One Punch Man Episode 11. Episode 11 in the TV Anime Series One Punch Man.



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  • omu*


  • Keigata

    Waiting so I can review the episode… Gonna be so damn epic…

  • max

    from here it look like one year and 45 days o_O

  • RawCaw


    • Random DATA

      YES. So much yes.

    • Oblitorix


  • Toud J

    I’m glad it’s over. So far this was the most boring and long episode. Hope next one is better

    • Jackson Minert

      Some people just don’t know awesome when they see it.

  • Pika Time

    No no no no… I wanna see next episode :c

  • JustToGoodForYou


  • jovan

    But wait, there is so much possibilities in this anime, plus so many stories of other character that I would love to see. I thought Saitama was gonna fight that sassy lost chil.. Shit 🙁

  • john

    why does it have to end here!! I wanna cry so badly, release the damn next episode

  • Ped

    what if Saitama was dreaming -.-”

  • Nico XD

    if only earth heros from other animes and cartoons were this powerful lol

  • Why does it always stop at 13:58? 😐