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  • Martin

    My god only one hour left until the best episode EVER!!!

  • 6969

    07:09 his shirt says Oppai lmao

    • awkward penguin

      i actually think oppai means tits (breasts)
      google picture is life

  • theguyyouknow

    Well. Worst episode by far. It’s sad that it has stupid and boring filler like this. Anyway the fight between Genos and Saitama was worth the watch.

    • rosa

      it’s not a filler, it’s exactly what happens in the manga as well. first, remember it’s a comedy. but mostly, this episode sets the future events, the super hero association will be an essential part of the story from now on, i mean really essential, it sets the whole god damn series. the rank of saitama is also important for the plot. so yeah, it’s most definitively not a filler.

    • skaar

      you do relies this was in the manga

    • Mahtada

      This shithead doesn’t even know the definition of filler.

  • Kuruko

    Nah , the best episode would be boros vs saitama IMO


    daamn, when saitama got all serious, freakin epic!

    • lolololololoyayayayaya

      thats not even his serious punch, his single serious punch able to destroy a half of universe. {according to the creator}

  • 5 hours to go.!!!!

  • OneManStand

    Haha a filler? Are you high? This is right to the manga and a great episode! Go watch naruto shippuden and learn the pain which is a filler.

  • Sensei


  • Sensei

    Woaaaaah!!!!! Going to future. For more episode

  • random

    I feel like the association guy at 10:25 onwards is mumen rider

  • as

    i predict both of saitama and genos will have great clash in future with the cold blooded genos type

  • Ames

    Guys i recommend listening to 08:57 – 09:19, notice that saitama saved the Son of the founder of heroes Association

    • Seikis

      You mean the Ass-Chin kid?(any Ben Affleck look alike is just pure coincidence!)

  • Forgottensage

    Love that ending, “So this is what you ment by i’ll be back” “Yes, may i move in? (While carrying a huge backpack)” “Absolutely not.” “(Drops huge wad of cash on table) I brought rent money.” “…….. Did you bring a toothbrush?”