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One Punch Man Episode 01 Subbed

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  • that was really good

  • JT

    Why is the second half of the episode not subbed, is anyone else having that problem?

    • OnePenisMan

      because these are not official subs
      these are just fansubs

      • OnePunchPenis

        I like your name

  • Sara Fox

    Damn that was awesome. I can’t wait to see more!

  • Fuddlenuts

    I think this is going to be an AWESOME anime.

  • Jezzy

    this anime will or might even beat Naruto

    • OnePenisMan

      Maybe not because onepunchman will have only 12 eps

      • Nope

        Quality >>> Quantity

  • Waghmare Ashwin

    this is crazy shit

    • Seikis

      Correction: this is some good crazy shit!

  • Çhâüdhrý Ğâϻer

    Goku can beat him !

    • cucu

      goku? no way, goku take time to make kame ha me ha, he could punch goku in no time

    • Anonymous

      he’d would woop his ass, goku has to charge legit the majority of his moves, but Saitama, ONE PUNCH, Goku’s dead

    • roadhog

      so so so true

    • Christoffer

      Goku has a limit you can’t deny that but Saitama doesn’t have a limit of what we know so if we just takes that in prospective it’s like setting a no power super hero up against superman. Goku doesn’t have a chance when that is said I think Goku is awesome I hope that all of you can se the point that I’m trying to make I’m not saying that Saitama is better than Goku i’m just saying that Saitama is in a hole other league.